Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TAG #3 Results Delay

Sick of these counters yet?
Hey, all. Gathering screenshots and things for the write-up has been taking a bit of time, so the results are going to be delayed by just a couple more hours. Until then, please enjoy this stressful-as-hell countdown to the final post. Good Luck, everyone!

Hi, y'all. So typing all the write-ups is taking me even longer than I thought it would: at this point, instead of more BS countdowns, I'm gonna go ahead and say that the announcement will come at some time tonight. I know this must be pretty annoying to see, but think about it this way: the longer I take, the more justice I do to all your work. If time zones are awkward and you're staying up to wait for this, I'd advise you to catch a couple hours of rest.

Anyway, sorry again. A good way to think about this, though,  is "Golly gee, now the anticipation is even more exciting. This Brendan LoBuglio guy is certainly a master of suspense, and pretty good looking too, I think? Yes, that is what I think."

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